Smart Tech for a better Web



We are looking for a freelance webmaster to improve and fix our existing websites plus to develop new websites and landing pages as needed. This is a part time contract. We work remote.

About the project

Grobmeier Solutions GmbH is a company website of a Java/JavaScript software vendor. We want to publish meaningful and intersting content.


  • Fix issues in our current websites
  • Migrate website to other systems as needed
  • Extend our websites
  • Create new websites for domains we have


  • Fluent english
  • Jekyll, or being willing to learn Jekyll
  • Wordpress, or being willing to learn WordPress
  • Some Shell/Commandline experience
  • Optional: Experience using AWS S3 or other AWS technologies
  • Optional: German
  • Optional: Docker

Get in touch with Christian! Tell him what you have done so far and why you are the right person for this job: