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In August 2015 my colleague told me my website was not really looking good. He was right, I knew that. It’s like with the cobblers son, who had the worst shoes – if any at all. The website of a developer often looks like crap. So was mine.

In December 2015 I got some drafts from my friend and now colleague Dusan for a brandnew website. Seeing it was like… wow! I never thought one make something that great out of my stuff. But Dusan did real wonders. I was immediately agreeing to his design and was excited to work on it.

One year past, and my day job overwhelmed me. But piece for piece I implemented my new site. Not only that: content had to be written. Images had to be searched. Structure had to be reconsidered.

To my shame, I was not even able to implement everything which was planned! But no worries. Like in Open Source I plan to deliver often, and early. That’s what I do now.

I would like to thank Dusan, because he designed the Website for me. I could not implement his ideas 100%, but that is all my fault.

In addition I would like to say “Thanks” to Erinc Yilmaz who works in Munich as translator. He made my text sound nice, which is a hard piece of work!

Please enjoy - your feedback is very welcome.

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