The Zen Programmer available for Leanpub Affiliates


The Zen Programmer is now available in the Leanpub Affiliate Program.

This eBook teaches programmers the powerful use of “Zen” to bring peace and tranquility to their very hectic schedules. Do you know people that could benefit from having Zen in their lives? If so, you should consider becoming an affiliate for this eBook. “The Zen Programmer” is not just for programmers, so if you know any group of people that could benefit having more peace in their lives, sign up for the affiliate program today.

When you join the Leanpub Affiliate Program, you will earn a 50% affiliate commission from each eBook you sell using your affiliate link. You can even promote through your social media just by posting your affiliate link on Facebook and Twitter! (How easy is that?)

With the Leanpub Affiliate Program, there is a cookie automatically set on the visitor’s computer for one week - so if they decide in a couple days after visiting your affiliate link that they want to buy, you will still get credit for it!

Affiliates are paid at the beginning of the month when you reach $40 in affiliate commission in your account. You do need PayPal in order to get your affiliate commission, so be sure to have your PayPal email address ready when you sign up for an affiliate account.

All you need to do is sign up for an account online at: As soon as you fill out the form, the next page will let you know that you are enrolled. At this screen, you will have access to your unique affiliate link for “The Zen Programmer” book. Bookmark this page in your favorites, and save that affiliate link.

Special note: If you purchased the a copy of the eBook through the Zen Programmer’s website at, you can have a voucher for the eBook on Leanpub by sending an email to

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