Talks & Presentations

Talks And Presentations

Cardano Summit
02.11.2023 - 04.11.2023
Christian Grobmeier:
"Learning from Open Source Veterans"
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B3: log4shell & Consequences
Christian Grobmeier:
"log4shell - behind the scenes"
Brian Behlendrof (openSSF)
"Addressing Systemic Issues in the Software Supply Chain"
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OOP Konferenz
30.03.2022 - 19:15
Keynote: Don't look down
How do we develop Open Source Software?
What challenges do we face and why could
something like Log4shell happen?
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JUG Karlsruhe
30.03.2022 - 19:15
Die wahre Wahrheit über Open Source!
What happened in December 2021 when Log4shell happened
and the Java community held it's breath? A look into
how the Apache Software Foundation operates.
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JUG Saxony
17.03.2022 - 19:00
Open Source vs. GDPR
A brief look into the privacy efforts of the
wellknown Apache Software Foundation.
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We have successfully used many different approaches in a wide variety of projects. And we are happy to speak to you and your audience about the experiences we made in our long-running careers. We can cover soft skills and technical facts alike.

User groups

We are deeply rooted in the developer community and share its values. We also stay active in the scene – for example by sharing our knowledge in user groups.


We love meeting like-minded individuals in person. We are a regular sight at conferences, where we offer presentations.


We organize Hackathons, be they exclusive to you and your team or open to the public. The perfect opportunity to learn and improve in a hands-on environment.


There are a lot of great, convenient communication tools around, and we are very happy to use them for online conferences and webinars.

Company Events

If your company is hosting an event and you are looking for somebody to share valuable knowledge with your staff, you have come to the right place.

Here & Abroad

Who doesn’t like to travel? We don’t just stay in Germany, but are very willing to come abroad to talk to you and your audience.


As enjoyable traveling and speaking to audiences is to us, it has to take a back seat to our core business. This is why we might not always be available for talks or presentations. If you would like us to attend your event and contribute to it, please let us know well in advance so we can plan accordingly.