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These days, everybody talks about burn-out, exhaustion, and depression. There is an ancient solution to these modern ills: the centuries-old teachings of the Zen masters can help us tackle these problems in our daily lives. The message is simple: your life is in your own hands. Zen is all the rage with the rich and famous, but it is not only for celebrities. It is not even only for programmers. Everybody can benefit from it.

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ISBN-13: 978-1493541799.
Also available in Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and German.

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Christian Grobmeier, Johannes Dienst

Logging Applikationsbeispiele

"Logging Applikationsbeispiele" is a German book published by Software & Support which focuses on data logging and its various applications. Chapter 1 explains how you can move big chunks of logging data between systems using the powerful workhorse Apache Flume. Chapter 2 focuses on Apache Log4j 2.0, presenting its killer features and comparing them to other logging systems. Finally, chapter 3 offers info on how aspects and annotations can help you greatly improve your logging by using Spring and AspectJ.

Order book 2014. ASIN: B00PQK3PFQ. German only.

Christian Grobmeier


Apache Forrest is an XML-Publishing framework based on the Apache Cocoon framework. The book explains how you can use Apache Forrest in your daily work, how you can create project documentation, and how you can publish your content in various formats.

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Open Source Press 2007 – ISBN-13: 978-1493541799. German only.

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