Developer comfort zone


Yesterday one of my favorite customers said he loves me. Our professional relation is fantastic; that’s why he was joking that way. We share the same ideals, and we learn from each other. I worked for him until late at night. The project I do is extraordinary for me, very front-end centric.

We had no spec when we started. I know, this doesn’t sound professional. But in this case, I felt it was good. And it was right. If I had seen a spec, I would have referred him to an expert in that field. 50% of the project is new ground for me.

Once I was in, I did not want to quit. I was on fire. I kept on. I left my “developer comfort zone”.

I have worked on many different things in the past. I started with The web, went to Java Swing, then “Enterprise Application Integration”. I was Tester, Developer, Architect even Project Manager.

Every time I entered one of these roles, I was leaving my comfort zone. It was a time consuming, exhausting job to learn everything I needed to fulfill the role I was taking. But I did it.

As web and enterprise developers, we are in the lucky situation to have all information we need on hand. It is only rarely the case we cannot find required knowledge. We have all tools on hands to move smoothly out from the comfort zone and learn new things.

I believe, my success in business is only tied that I move out from my comfort zone daily. I do things of which I thought I could never do it. I take on roles for which I need to learn new things. I work hard and harder to make things happen.

Sometimes I am too lazy to move out from this comfort zone. I feel unhappy then and unfulfilled. I became a developer to see new things all the time. Isn’t that the point? I feel better when I learn new things.

There are a lot of people rejecting each business idea with the words “that’s impossible” or “too complicated”. In many cases, this is just b*st. Leaving the comfort zone requires passion and a lot of energy.

Are you willing to leave your comfort zone regularly? If yes, then you are quickly a “most wanted” developer. If no… then you will still find your job. 9 to 5. Repetitive Tasks. For. Ever.

Get up your ass and build something crazy. With a new programming language. Right now!

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