Coaching & Mentoring

Transferring knowledge is not a necessary evil to us – we truly love it and believe it should be important to all developers. It is never only the students who learn something!


Sometimes, immediate feedback is best: We coach people while they code, one to one, on an individual basis.


We are a tightly-knit team and are happy to help you become one as well. We show teams how to cooperate more fruitfully and be more efficient.

Code Reviews

We look at the code your team has written and provide feedback. Everyone is blind to their own errors at times, and we can help you spot them.


Having been in the tech scene for decades, we have used tons of products. We are able to recommend you the perfect one for your business.


We help entrepreneurs gain their footing in the world of web tech. If you are a start-up company, visit


We have shown hundreds of programmers the ropes and provided them with all the knowledge they need to get started quickly.

Coaching is Personal

"Traditional" trainings just don’t cut it for us anymore. Why make people stare at an endless series of PowerPoint slides if you could communicate with them directly? A hands-on approach is invaluable: Coding while being coached. Instead of pointing our students to the solution, we help our students find them on their own.