Analysis & Consulting

With nearly twenty years of experience under our belts, we have seen the web evolve into the powerful beast it is today. Where once basic HTML was enough, you have to put a lot more thought and planning into the creation of a new web project. We are very happy to guide you through all the different steps and phases.


We don’t just recommend you our latest best practice – we find out how you work and what your goals are. This way, we can come up with a custom solution that fits your project best.


The more complex a problem is, the easier it becomes to forget something. Specifications guide us in our work. They can also help us come up with new ideas for development.


After specification, we get right to prototyping. A prototype lets you get a quick first glimpse at what is possible and what the finished product might feel like.


Throughout all stages, we review our work with you. This ensures we are heading in the right direction, and helps us adjust our course if we find better solutions.


Once we all agree on the direction we want to take, we are fully committed to your product. We are happy to offer advice on how get started and run the project.


We want you to be up to date on our progress. We utilize agile processes to keep you in the loop at all times, so you are fully aware of what we achieved and what the risks are.


We are neither a consulting agency, nor are we interested in billing you for time spent beating around the bush. We openly communicate all our decisions and share everything you need to know – even if it means we earn less. Your success is our first priority, and we achieve it through honest and open feedback.