Server development

Servers make sure you can access the right data at the right time and store it at the right place. There is a lot to consider when tackling the task of setting up your own server: what programming language suits my needs best? What framework do I need? Whatever your requirements might be, we can build your server to your exact specifications using the ideal open source components.


Because we take the time to really get to know your business, we can build the ideal system – one that is both powerful and upgradeable. We know how to build APIs that make your server beautiful under the hood.


There are a lot of programming languages to choose from for your server. We frequently use Java, PHP, and JavaScript, but are experienced using Dart and Ruby as well. We’ll help you make the right decision.

Open Source

We are not too excited about vendor lock-ins or licensing fees, and there is a chance that you aren’t, either. We are huge fans of open source software and actively participate in the open source scene.


Having developed medical devices, we know what it means to work in highly regulated, process-oriented environments. We follow best-practice software development processes to a T. It all helps to maximize quality and minimize risk.


No server project can get off the ground without laying out a proper plan first. We have done this many times before and would love to include you in the planning process.


We deploy your server to the AWS cloud to help you achieve the best uptime possible, and make everything scale, too. That’s one of our strongest suits.

We love creating software that scales.

Thanks to our experience, we know how to create processes that allow both software and teams to scale. Sure, everybody starts out small, but will you be able to handle things if your app becomes the next big thing? We can make sure you will. We’ll make the necessary adjustments so you are prepared for success.