Web Development

We don’t just build websites, we craft web applications exactly as you want them – based on your custom specifications and using cutting-edge tech. Your audience is mostly on mobile? We’ll go with “mobile first”. You want your website to rank high in search results? We’ll optimize everything for it. Can’t get enough of social media? We’ll integrate all your channels. Let us know what you are looking for in your web app, and we’ll make it happen!


HTML is the programming language used to structure content on a web page. With the release of version 5, it is now more powerful than ever!


CSS is used to make your content visually appealing. We cooperate with great designers and make sure everything is implemented neatly.


Every website today uses JavaScript. It is required for animations as well as for loading data in the background (AJAX).

Search Engines

We know how to optimize your website so search engines can find and make the most of it through AMP and Linked Data.


Hosting your website on Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) and the Cloud not only ensures high performance and availability – it also offers great value for money.

Social Media

Sure, shares and likes are important, but social media offers so much more. We make sure some of the social web’s most powerful APIs are integrated in your project.


Today’s powerful web technologies are no longer restricted to browsers. They run on all kinds of devices – smartphones, desktops, consoles, you name it. We have the skills to bring the web almost anywhere you want: your phone, your watch, and maybe even your fridge.