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If you want to keep up-to-date with all the latest tech trends, you have to put in some effort. That is why we spend at least one day per week to learn new things or improve our skills. Nobody ever knows everything there is. There are new opportunities to learn something every day. Where the expert only sees a few options, a beginner sees a lot more. That is why we try maintain a beginner’s open mindset.



Time & Bill is the world’s easiest time-tracking application. It is built on the Java platform and uses open source technologies exclusively. We provide our service to more than 10.000 users, mostly in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. As Time & Bill runs on the Amazon WebServices Cloud, we can guarantee the best availability and highest performance.

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How do you aggregate content from different blogs and save them securely? We collect content from more than 20 blogs and aggregate it to a single feed for the developer community of the Dart programming language. The entire website is pre-generated and hosted on Amazon S3, which has virtually no downtimes. As we are backed by the Git version control system, we don't even have to rely on a database: it allows us to restore many different versions of the blog even when it is long gone. Dartosphere is offline.



Not only scuba divers think is a fun website. From a technical standpoint, we once again generate content using the popular Jekyll generator. But this time around, our data comes from a CouchDB datasource, populates, and automatically updates the website. Using Amazons CloudFront CDN, we can guarantee high speed all over the globe. This is definitely one of our favorite pet projects, so we even hired professional divers to help us out with content for our blog. was sold. landing page Clean and minimalistic blog design


Are you a scuba diver and want to own the website we created? Feel free to mail us! If you’d like something similar, but focused entirely on dogs, planes, movies, food, or whatever you can think of, get in touch, too! We’ll build something which fits your needs perfectly.