Google Dart native on WebKit?


It looks like Dart is going to become native on the WebKit Browser. On monday some Googlers sent message to the WebKit folks proposing to add Dart bindings to the software. Google Developer Vijay Menon said, native bindings might be preferred over “language X to javascript tools” because

  • its quicker without compiling to javascript
  • developers don’t need to use toolchains
  • better debugging and profiling experience

That being said he added the multi-vm changes and the dart bindings to his message. It is planned to work on a WebKit branch, but so far not all WebKit developers seem to be fond of this plan, as Oliver Hunt said:

“As the 90s demonstrated such “features” are bad for developers, and bad for the open web.”

Of course, people are already using multiple languages in the web - they just compile to javascript. So Google still is not planning to “force” native language support for WebKit - so far it is planned to try out if it works well and create a patch which might help people who embed WebKit to run Dart natively. In other terms: it is still a long way to bring native Dart to the all the browser out there.

Tags: #Dart #Open Source