Is going to become Apache OpenOffice?


For sure this are very exciting days in the Java history. Before two years the world was somehow “OK”. Then Oracle bought Sun and things changed. We have seen a very nasty Oracle. Before their deal, they always wanted things as open as possible - after the deal they started to set up people. The Hudson-case - suddenly the whole community left Oracle. Then the JCP “disaster” with Apache. Afterwards LibreOffice splitted off from OpenOffice.

We all have learned, Open Source works. Jenkins and LibreOffice showed us that the worlds code will remain to the world. A company which open sources code do not get only “idiots who do the work” - they get “shareholders”. And if the shareholders see their freedom in danger, they’ll leave. A trademark is not everything. I really had think hard what the name before Jenkins was.

It seems Oracle has learned it’s lesson. Hudson probably goes to Eclipse, reuniting with Jenkins. And OpenOffice - it probably goes to Apache. Hopefully they see the importance of Apache Harmony and finally give a TCK license to the ASF. That would awesome. But I guess it is more a dream than a hope.

OpenOffice has arrived at the incubator. Now it’s discussion time. Starting with yesterday there were about 200 emails around this (guessed).

Skimming the lists, there are so many open questions:

  • Are translators committers?
  • Who owns the trademark?
  • Is the community splitted by this move?
  • How will all these certifications work?
  • How will a license transformation work?

OpenOffice is a foundation itself - look at The Document Foundation. It’s big, I heard something between 30 and 200 developers involved - not a clue how it is counted. By the way, The Document Foundation has reacted very positive on the proposal. They are looking forward to reunite the communities. As I saw, the responsible Apache Members already have contacted all interested parties.

Anyway, it’s a bit to early to see what the outcome is. At the moment it’s a discussion hell in the Incubator. Much, long e-mails.

I guess the whole matter will stay hot for a while. As every time with Open Source there are human feelings involved.

I have no real opinion so far. But I like the idea of Apache OpenOffice. For me licenses are very important. Additionally I like how Apache works. But unfortunately I don’t know much about all the trademarks and licensing stuff. I have no clue about all the impacts by such a move. I really hope that not speculations and ego will decide on the matter.

The Document Foundation will not stop it’s existence just because OpenOffice going to Apache. But the idea of reunited OpenOffice is also interesting. Let’s see if OpenOffice will die or not. Exciting days.

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