Mountpoint issue on OS X - and how to correct it


On my Mac Mini box running with OS X 10.4 aka Tiger I had once a Lacie hard disk mounted with the name ANDREW. I plugged it off and connected later another one under the same name. Unfortunately the mount point of this disk wasn’t:


as expected, but rather:

/Volumes/ANDREW 1

which gave me hell when running my jUnit Test for Apache Commons Compress due to the space in the hard disks name. I was wondering why OS X created the name ANDREW 1. Looking with my bash into /Volumes I recognized that there already was a folder with the name ANDREW. This happened cause when I removed the disk i started eclipse and the IDE couldn’t find a specific folder. Instead of telling me that, Eclipse simply created the folder. This could happen since the /Volumes folder has write access to everybody on OS X.

I deleted the unnecessary folder. After that I disconnected and reconnected my hard disk named ANDREW. The mountpoint was correct again and life is going normal :-)

Tags: #OS X