Wavediver: An Adobe Wave API


Readers of my blog maybe have already noticed it: Jason found out, that somebody has taken my code, removed the copyright stuff and uploaded it to the WordPress directory. I was quite surprised - the content-thief is telling on his blog that he had two weeks holiday while he came across Wave and implemented this plugin. I mean, wtf? Are people really thinking that nobody will notice that theft in the case of beta software? I just can say: don’t use tecinfor-wave. This is outdated code and the distributor didn’t write it - I doubt he can help in error cases.

But everything has its good sides. I decided to put my development on that plugin more into public and created a new google code project: Wavediver. You can find the original WordPress plugin there. I will try to update the API and make it more usable. At the moment it’s a little bit, well, ugly :-) Let’s hope that it will reach the status to be included in the PIWI framework later.

Already included is a cli.php file, which enables you to send Adobe Wave message from the command line, just with: php -f cli.php. That can help testing.

Tags: #Adobe Wave #Open Source #Wavediver #WordPress