Philosophy and Work Ethic

We are a group of individuals sharing the same vision: to deliver the best results for our customers. This is our manifesto. You can expect all of this from all of us, at any time. No exceptions.

Truth and Trust

We have no secrets. There are no political decisions, no mysterious strategies plotted out behind closed doors, nothing. We explain all our decisions and proposals to you. Trust is an important factor to our collaboration, and we believe that trust needs to be earned. Thus, we are honest and tell you exactly what we think.

Value over Money

Sure, money is important. But let’s be honest: these days, developers rarely have to look all that hard for their next job opportunity. We much prefer our customers to be satisfied with our work to trying to squeeze every last penny from them. If the job is done earlier than anticipated, we’ll congratulate you the time and money you saved (we’re open to having some celebratory pizza together, of course). We won’t implement things that stretch the budget just so we make more money. Instead, we take the straightforward path and target your success. We offer you the best value and aim at building a long-term collaboration, and, maybe, having some pizza.

Cooperation over Ego

Nobody knows your business better than you. We try to suggest what we think is right. But if you feel we are wrong, we are always open to criticism. We listen to it, say “thank you”, and improve. The best results can only be achieved when everybody brings their core competencies to the table. Ego keeps us from learning, so we just keep our egos out of the job.

People over Code

Code makes machines run. But it is people who write the code. With a good work atmosphere, even the most complex riddles are no problem. We proactively participate in the team. No matter what our role might be: we fit.

Secrets are Safe

There is a lot of work out there. We don’t need to sell business secrets or help your competitors. We are loyal to you and our business relationship, and will not put you on the line. Your secrets are safe with us. Not just now, but long after the project is complete.

Ethics over Business

We only do what we believe is right. We refuse to work for any armed forces, nuclear power plants, or other organizations or groups that can potentially bring harm to others or nature. Apologies if you belong to such a group: we need to keep our inner balance if we want to keep offering our customers the best service we can.

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